I help you transform your stress + 

Find Your FLOW


I'm Dr. Julia Colangelo, and I help you function at your highest level by unlocking your potential with authenticity and integrity using the science of flow.

I've been called a personal hype girl and the best-kept secret for thought leaders, celebrities, and public figures. My 10+ years as a therapist means I'm discrete about my services having worked with celebrities, HNWIs, philanthropists and public figures.

Our work behind the scenes allows us to amplify your work and get unstuck so you're more in flow, no matter what challenges you're facing amidst being in the public eye.

Let me guess... you didn't expect to be in the public eye... and it's awesome in some ways, but stressful in most. Social media requires a certain facade that is exhausting to keep up and even when you're vulnerable and trying to keep it real, you get backlash.

What if you could cultivate a way of being that allowed you to still function at your highest level when the going gets tough and you need more restoration than you're ever willing to publicly admit.

Life doesn't need to be as exhausting as it's been. You're a good person with a good heart, thrust into the public eye. It's time to reset and re-equip yourself with your amazing tools and wisdom. 


I specialize in helping you tap into your strengths, get organized, and implement so you can unlock your potential, be productive, and live in flow.


I'm Julia, and as an Educator + Consultant, I help you transform your stress to find your flow.


The science of flow allows you to function at peak performance and sustain momentum in every day life.


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I can help you cultivate more alignment and reimagine how life + work can be when all your tasks and responsibilities make sense.




I teach you how to access Flow on a daily basis so there's no more inner conflict, there's just freedom + alignment.

I help you move from being overwhelmed, pulled in a million directions, and stressed out, into living and working with PURPOSE + JOY, even during life's hardest time.

I'm a proud mom + wife.

Marriage and parenthood have taught me more about balance, juggling, and being present than 16 years of meditation and mindfulness practices. I've learned how to access my flow state on little sleep, and with a full heart, and embrace my humanity.

I'm a surfer + an athlete.

You'll see me running races in Central Park and surfing in Hawaii, Morocco, Israel, California, and New Jersey. I am competitive with my own bottom line, always seeking to be more present in how my body and brain communicate through movement, and how I can connect with nature. I access flow through these entry points of movement, passion, and complexity. I also know what it's like to lose a sense of flow when I'm out of alignment with my body during periods of injury or recovery. I help public figures who find performance as a huge part of their identity explore elements of their identity beyond performance.

I love to speak, write + consult.

I write a weekly newsletter that's distributed worldwide, host the Hello Flow Podcast and speak worldwide (+ on zoom) about Flow, Mindfulness, Alchemy, and Intentional Living.

 I love living close to those who share similar interests like surfing, sustainability, radical activism, and the arts. Connecting over shared interests helps reassure me that I'm right where I'm supposed to be (+ so are you)!

I have discovered how to savor & celebrate the here-and-now while saving room for adventures abroad. I am a goal-setter who will support you to meet your goals on your timeline. 

I have been a meditation practitioner for 14 years and I teach Mindfulness at Columbia Univesity, in corporate settings, and at workshops and conferences around the world.

I present on panels, at retreats, and at conferences on Flow State, Mindfulness, Self-Improvement, Burnout Prevention, and Living Life on Our Own Terms (not how society or social media tells us we should).