Hi, I'm Dr. Julia Colangelo!

Educator, Speaker, Writer, Executive
Consultant, Mom + Surfer


As an executive consultant I provide behind-the-scenes consulting to public figures, celebrities, visionaries and thought leaders. As an educator, I teach the science of flow by providing exercises that help you experience alignment every single day.


You’ll find me wearing tie-dye, eating my peanut butter smoothie and pretzel most days at 3pm, and waking up at weird hours to write, surf, and meditate. I completed my doctoral research in flow, genius zone, and mindfulness to achieve our goals and prevent burnout. I teach Mindfulness at Columbia University, live 1/2 the year in Maui, 1/2 in New Jersey, and host the Hello Flow Podcast.

My background as a flow researcher, licensed NYC therapist and doctoral researcher on Flow and Genius States guides my teaching and consulting.


I'm also...

→ An award-winning professor at Columbia University

→ A keynote speaker + executive consultant for public figures

→ Proudly contributing towards positive change (and I want you to feel the same)

I specialize in helping you tap into your strengths, get organized, and implement so you can unlock your potential, be productive, and live in flow.

Education + Credentials


Bachelor of Science in Social Work, New York University

Master of Social Work (MSW), Columbia University

Doctorate in Clinical Social Work (DSW), University of Pennsylvania


I help you function at your highest level by unlocking your potential with authenticity and integrity using the science of flow.

Interested in Working With Me?

Let me help you bring more flow into your life!