As a therapist for over 12 years, I pride myself on providing exclusively private, confidential and discrete support to you.

Being in the public eye: all eyes are on you, OR are about to be on you. That’s a lot of stress to carry with you. 

But take a deep breath: now take another one. 

You are about to find a new way of being

In our partnership, we’ll move through a customized and strategic plan that ensures you emerge beyond your unique upper limits. 

Our work is critical to your current and next phase of growth. 

My work is primarily behind the scenes referrals, however if you know someone you’d like to refer, or are ready to work together, please feel free to complete the application or email me directly.

You’ll find me wearing tie-dye, eating my peanut butter smoothie and pretzel most days at 3pm, and waking up at weird hours to write, surf, and meditate. I completed my doctoral research in flow, genius zone, and mindfulness to achieve our goals and prevent burnout. I teach Mindfulness at Columbia University, live on Maui (though a proud Jersey girl) and host the Hello Flow Podcast.

My background as a flow researcher, licensed NYC therapist and Flow researcher and Genius Zones guides my teaching & coaching.


I'm also...

→ An award-winning professor at Columbia University

→ A keynote speaker + executive consultant for public figures

→ Proudly contributing towards positive change (and I want you to feel the same)

Education + Credentials


Bachelor of Science in Social Work, New York University

Master of Social Work (MSW), Columbia University

Doctorate in Clinical Social Work (DSW), University of Pennsylvania