5 Steps to Take EVERY SUNDAY to Find Your Flow ALL WEEK LONG!


Even during a global pandemic, most of us are having a version of the Sunday Scaries.

The Sunday Scaries are when we experience an increase in our anxiety beginning as early as Saturday night or early Sunday morning. We anticipate that Monday is creeping in and instead of being mindful and present with the time, we get consumed by the fears or unknowns of the anticipated stressors of the week ahead.

When we live in flow, we align our actions and values. To optimize flow and decrease the Sunday Scaries, take these five steps on Sunday night each week before launching into the week ahead:


And by sink in I mean once you’ve identified your values and affinity, map them, then explore them a bit. Make time and space for them where you can enjoy embracing whatever your values are. Take time to define them, explore them, and honor them.


If you know your strengths, make space each Sunday to honor them 100% so you enter the week with the confidence in WHO you are and how awesome your strengths are. If you don’t have self awareness of your strengths, consider taking a strengths finder, such as the Gallup one so you gain quick and comprehensive access to your strengths and can start talking about them personally and professional with more confidence.


Make time every Sunday ahead of another week to daydream. And I mean schedule 5 minutes every single week (or day, but we’re talking about preventing the Sunday Scaries!)  to envision what you want, and then pull back a layer and explore in a deeper sense what you really REALLY want or need. By reclaiming those dreams each week you’ll feel more inspired.


Knowing the rationale you hold based on your values and experiences helps center you in why you’re spending time, energy, and resources doing whatever it is you’re doing. When you know your WHY, and remind yourself of your why on a consistent basis, you’ll experience less doubt and increase your clarity. Spend time journaling or voice memo-ing to yourself about the why you hold onto and listen back or read back as often as you find helpful!


Positive self talk allows you to enhance your knowing, that DEEP knowing of the purpose you’re doing, choosing, living, however you are. You’ll want to develop a few affirmations to make sure you pull from that affirmations pool to steadily retrain and rewire your brain to KNOW the positive statements you’re affirming to yourself week after week to prevent the Sunday Scaries.

And if you've had a rough last year, I know that stress and burnout can get the best of us. 

We stay up late, struggle to focus on what we want to focus on, and are pulled in a million different directions that we don't even necessarily care about.

So take this time, right now to remember what's really underneath all those distractions, and what’s beyond your burnout.

Those dreams are valid, and those hopes matter more than you know.

And if you're thinking "yeah but Julia I'm.. tired/stressed/worried/annoyed/overwhelmed/SPENT/don't know where or how to begin..."

Let me help!

I've been chronically burnt out and I've gotten through that tough place where I lost sight of my why.

I think honestly most of us have.

The reality is we never have to stay there. There's a way out.

The way that worked for me? Flow.

+ boundaries

+ fun

+ freedom

+ living my values

+ breathing

+ surfing

+ co-creating

+ more flow

+ play

+ more. 

But mostly all of the above lol.

Wanna learn exactly HOW? Join us inside Flow School as a founding member. Flow School is the focused and minimalist educational program where I'll teach you directly from the research on flow so you can I transform your stress and find your flow.

Flow not cures your languish, burnout, and stress but it elevates your life and enhances those daily precious moments. Founding member enrollment (and enrollment period!) closes on May 6 at 5pm EST 🌊


Happy Flowing!