How Flow Helps Decrease Self-Doubt

Self-doubt robs us of our ability to achieve, be in action, and kick ourselves into high gear. We can easily find ourselves somewhat trapped by our own self criticism often through doubts, negativity, or pervasive criticism. Again, keep in mind this happens when we doubt not only our abilities but our actual choices past, present, and anticipation. When we are stuck in this loop of self doubt, it can be a pretty lonely place even though most or all of us experience self doubt at one time or another. 

When we are in Flow, we use a specific part of our brain that prevents us from experiencing self doubt. When we can enter a flow state, any self doubt slips away and we move from being an imposter to being confident and clear in what we want to be doing.

Here are some tips to challenge your self doubt when you can't enter a flow s Tate:

  1. Notice it. Bring mindful awareness to it with your full body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Treat it as though it is a visitor, passing through and visiting, not necessarily staying or causing you harm for the long term, but certainly visiting can provide some immediate relief
  3. Acknowledge the origins of the self doubt. Try to sit with the knowledge that we aren’t born with self doubt and the goal of berating and criticism in our decisions. Where, when and how did this pattern begin? When we glance, but don’t stare, at where our behaviors originated from (sometimes patterns with peers, family, or friends) we gain insight into where we can start challenging these core beliefs.
  4. When you gain some insight into these origins, try not to stay in those moments, but relate it to where self-doubt creeps in for you today. Try to assess how these elements can impact your productivity and sense of achievement.

Taking the above steps won’t rid you of every uncertainty but they are some steps into gaining access to the patterns you’re experiencing while also providing awareness into how we cannot blame ourselves for experiencing self-doubt because it’s been modeled, taught, or exposed to us in the media and the worlds’ compare/despair trap.

Happy Flowing!

Dr. Julia