How Flow Helps You Move From BURNT OUT to CONFIDENT!


Let's talk about what happens in the "in-between" before flow and living WITH flow as a guiding principle for our lives.

We weren't born burnt out, but most of us have stayed there for a long time...

and then we get stuck, in the burn out, fatigue, stress, and overwhelm.

and then we end up stressed, uncertain, unmotivated and distracted, pulled in a million directions AWAY from where we actually want to be focusing our energy.

So hours pass

and days pass

weeks, months and whole seasons move by.

and suddenly we're in a new month, a new YEAR and we can't seem to break the cycle.

We start trying everything:



time off of social media

new boundaries



and some of that helps, but nothing really shifts how we're responding with an innovative approach (at least that's what happened for me when I've been burnt out)

I needed something focused and effective. Something that wouldn't eat into every minute of my day as a parent and professional balancing different responsibilities seeking the elusive "balance"

So I did my research, and then I did more research. And the data didn't lie. In order to shift our existence, recover, transcend, we all needed more, and more of LESS and LESS. lol.

And that's where flow saves the day. Flow doesn't make everything better, but it makes most things better... most of the time. And that's what we're aiming for after all isn't it?

Flow helps us shift from that state of overwhelmed and feeling helpless into a space of curiosity and creativity.

Also, we start to be present in what we’re feeling and how we’re doing, and we start to be even more mindful about how we can be present for those around us.

As a result, we can focus on our own flow and increase our motivation and confidence.

If you’re just getting started with Flow, identify your flow triggers and explore what flow means to you. I share more in episodes of Hello Flow the podcast- check it out there!


Happy Flowing!