You know there's more to life and work but you're struggling with the integration and stayed stuck in the daily grind more than you'd like. You're not sure what's next, but you know it's something different than where you've been for longer than you'd like to admit. In our work together I help you transform the chaos and misalignments in your life into flow through VIP executive coaching.


I coach thought leaders, public figures, visionaries, and HNWIs how to unlock their full potential using the science of FLOW.

You’ve had success and on paper it looks like you've got everything you could want. So why are you staying up at night asking: now what? What's next? Is this it? What’s beyond? What’s deeper? In our work we'll unlock your flow to uncover answers to these questions and more!




What happens in a VIP Day?

We map your wisdom into a thoughtful & strategic plan so you can take intentional action everyday moving forward.

In our session we may cover how to:

  •  Unlock deeper flow states more often
  • Create a sense of unified flow to your work and life
  • Elevate beyond your current threshold
  • Explore blind spots based on your application submissions and pre-work
  • Transform imposter syndrome into clarity + confidence 
  • Integrate elements of self into an aligned lifestyle
  • Shift into consciousness in a way that empowers you and those around you
  • Map strategies to enhance your leadership roles and implement plans.

What’s included in a VIP Day:

  • Pre-work Questionnaire evaluation
  • 3.5 structured hours together
  • Recordings and notes from the session for your review to maintain momentum
  • The transformation of a lifetime

1:1 Coaching Application Form

Please fill out this application form if you're interested to work with me so I can get to know you and your plans better. The investment for 3-months of 1:1 coaching is 35,000 and a VIP Day is $5,000- $20,000