Unlock Your Flow + Achieve Your Goals
in 5 Easy Steps

If you've ever struggled to achieve your flow and uplevel your life, you need a new goal-achievement strategy. Download this free guide to create a clear strategy to unlock your flow and achieve all of your goals!


Hey, I’m Dr. Julia Colangelo!

I'm an educator, consultant, mom + surfer.


As an accountability and life consultant + educator I help you achieve your goals in fun, intentional, and creative ways so you can live life on your terms. 

I’m half hype-girl, half chill-hippie, but ultimately I’m your friend and coach who has your back and will constantly nudge you towards your goals so you can bring your dreams to life. 

I care about your goals, because every time a person achieves their goals, they become a happier person.

My background as a flow researcher + therapist guides my consulting + educating as I help you master your own creativity and live happier, on YOUR terms!


If you’ve found yourself wishing you could just achieve your goals, I know I feel your frustration and pain. It's taken decades to create this proven system to achieve your goals, but I'll help you achieve them at an accelerated pace and without the burnout!

“I craved structure and personal/professional development and it felt meant to be when I came across Julia’s offering. In our short time together, I can already feel a steep increase in momentum. She is beyond encouraging clear, supportive, direct, and passionate and purposeful in her interactions. I’m accomplishing goals without burnout at a rate I never could have imagined.”

Staci Benaroya, LCSW

Therapist, Coach, Millennial Mentor

“Julia has incredible care and compassion, she’s laser-focused on what the actual level of joy is in a given moment, and she’ll help identify what is or isn’t working in your life and then she provides the next steps for how to take action. She is also so excited to be in this journey with me!”

Lauren Selfridge, MED, MA, LMFT

Creative Vision Consultant