find your flow

change... everything


Hi, I’m Dr. Julia Colangelo

I coach and advise thought leaders, visionaries, public figures and HNWIs (millionaires & billionaires).

I'm the high performance + and mindset coach behind the scenes of your favorite global industry leaders, emerging public figures, 7+8-figure global entrepreneurs, and influential + impactful celebrities.

I help you tap into your unique flow through tools of science, psychology and spirituality. 

Through our work, life finally becomes effortless like you've always imagined.

Simply put: everything will change if you want it to.

From my work as a flow researcher + 12 years as a celebrity therapist, I’m attuned to not only support you, but TEACH you to emerge into your next level with more creativity, confidence, and clarity than you ever thought possible. 

Have big(ger) dreams? In our work, you’ll be liberated to choose differently, go against the grain, innovate without inhibition, and cultivate a truly spectacular and intentional life.

I'm a mom + wife.

Marriage and parenthood have taught me more about balance, juggling, and being present than 16 years of meditation and mindfulness practices. I've learned how to access my flow state on little sleep, but with a full heart.

I'm a surfer + an athlete.

You'll see me jogging down the street, and surfing in Hawaii, Morocco, Israel, California, and New Jersey. I'm competitive with my own bottom line, always seeking to be more present in how my body and brain communicate through movement, and how I can connect with nature. I access flow through these entry points of movement, passion, and complexity. I also know what it's like to lose a sense of flow when I'm out of alignment with my body during periods of injury or recovery. I help public figures who find performance as a huge part of their identity explore elements of their identity beyond performance.

I speak, write + consult.

I write a weekly newsletter that's distributed worldwide, speak worldwide (+ on zoom) about Flow, Mindfulness, Alchemy, and Intentional Living.