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Dr. Julia Colangelo is an award-winning educator of flow and mindfulness, and the founder of Hello Flow, a consulting and educational company based out of Maui where she teaches on Flow, Purpose, Creativity, Alchemy, and Alignment.

Behind the scenes, Julia provides high-level executive consulting to public figures, celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders. Dr. Julia teaches Mindfulness at Columbia University and speaks and trains at companies like LinkedIn and Convene. Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and more. A proud toddler mom and surfer raised in New Jersey, Julia’s equal parts hippie + hype.

Julia loves teaching the science of flow in digestible pieces within Flow School and as a consultant and speaker worldwide. You’ll find Julia getting creative at any hour of the day (leaning into flow as it flows!) and standing with her values as a social justice advocate.

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 JULY 4, 2021

How can flow help you move from your perfectionistic tendencies into a more balanced ebb-and-flow? Often, as high achievers, we can put so much pressure on ourselves to stay in line, follow certain rules and respond accordingly by getting things as perfect as possible. The truth is, perfectionism can get in our way and prevent creativity more than enhancing our lives.

In this episode, Julia discusses:
-Activating creativity that does not fit into a box
-The blend of following guidelines while relaxing into creativity and intuition
-Reminders for those who experience perfectionistic tendencies

 JUNE 27, 2021

Contrary to what many may think, you don’t have to talk about flow! Flow is a unique personal experience, and the perfect way to reconnect with yourself, whether you identify as an extrovert or introvert. So as a private person, what do you do with all that creative energy but want to optimize whatever you experience in flow?

The key components of making sure you are unlocking flow, as an introvert, is that you want to make sure that you are grounded in your values. Once you confidently identify how you can reconnect with your values and know that you are centered in who you are and how you want to live - the rest lines up..

In this episode:
-The importance of centering yourself and grounding your flow state in your core values
-Tips for creating micro-flow states, as an introvert

 JUNE 20, 2021

Has there ever been a time in your life, when you notice that you’re going with the flow instead of creating your own flow? That feeling that days, or weeks, or hours, or months are moving by, and you’re just going through the motions? If you’re finding yourself stuck and stagnant, you might be stuck in autopilot, and need to shift into living with more intention, conviction, and connection to your deeper purpose.

In this episode:
-Noticing and identifying the elements of autopilot in life
-What is intention, and how can you live more intentionally to prevent autopilot
-Incorporating flow and creativity with intention, every day

 JUNE 13, 2021

There are a few aspects of the flow that no one really talks about, that are probably some of the most life-enhancing aspects of flow. These two aspects are the reason that everything I do focuses around helping equip you with more flow in daily life. By shifting your mental understanding of the flow process and managing flow states adequately, your consciousness is awakened, you align with your values, and everything becomes easier and more liberating in the process.

In this episode:
-Moving away from chasing the extreme highs and lows of flow by integrating flow into into your daily life and essence
-Managing the recovery period after an intense state of flow
-Tips for putting each aspect into practice

 JUNE 6, 2021

Your flow state is when you’re completely aligned, you’re in the zone, when you don’t have that self doubt infiltrating day-to-day. You’re moving with clarity and you’re not pulled out of the present moment. So what is infiltrating and taking you out of flow in everyday life?

This episode will be diving into the top 3 distractions that are taking you out of your flow state. We’ll be looking at how to recognize each of them, and what to do to eliminate the distractions so that you can optimize your flow space. I invite you to examine, with curiosity, your relationship with each of these distractions and consider how each fits in with your alignment to your values.

In this episode:
- Examining your relationship with the internet
- Tools to guide your use of phone apps
- Establishing and enforcing boundaries to both unlock more flow more often and deepen connections


 MAY 30, 2021

When we encounter major setbacks or experience difficult challenges, we often struggle to get back into flow and maintain a positive self-identity. We now are faced with making new decisions while maintaining our perceived identity through this difficult time. So when faced with making new decisions while holding new identities, it’s important to have some strategies and tools to pull from, while honoring your unique position.

In this episode:
- What it can look like when life sets you back from perceived identity and your previous state of flow
- The power in taking an intentional pause to fully acknowledge feelings created from a setback
- How to lean into curiosity and past coping strategies
- What to do when nothing else seems to work

 MAY 23, 2021

When our bodies and brains are conditioned to follow certain rules and measures throughout daily life, and there is a big wrench thrown into our schedules or life on any level - whether a small misstep in the schedule or a vast, catastrophic event - our bodies and brains then experience a stress response.

But when you integrate the science of flow and elements of flow to channel your decision making, you make choices that are more deeply congruent with how you want to live and with who you actually are, instead of being pulled into the pressure of the chaos.

In this episode:
-What is chaos and where do we see it?
-The impact of chaos on our bodies, brains, and decisions
-What to do when in a stressed state to channel elements of your flow state
-Tool: Name, honor, identify, and channel
-Exercise: Practicing the decision making process during in a state of calm

 MAY 18, 2021

In this episode of #FlowSurfersPodcast we discuss the effects that mental health can have on flow and our own wellbeing.

Flow allows you to transcend anything that you might be experiencing, any challenge you have emotionally. But when burnout intersects with flow, we're not able to access those higher levels of creativity and our genius zones because we’re too busy fighting the emotional exhaustion, stress and anxiety of day-to-day living.

From this episode, you’ll take away a few new methods that enhance your likelihood of accessing flow state while simultaneously improving your mental health. Because ultimately, your mental health results in a sense of mental wealth - and that wealth allows you to prevent burnout, overcome challenges, and get creative and playful and live purposefully.

In this episode:
-Julia’s background and schooling in mental health
-What is burnout and how does it intersect with flow?
-The need for therapy and finding proper support
-Some practical tips to explore how you feel, enhance your likelihood of accessing flow state, and improve your mental health

 APRIL 19, 2021

We often overextend ourselves and lose flow in the process by doing and being involved in too many things at once. Sometimes the best cure is to audit where our energy is going and refocus on the things that are most important to us.

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